Club History

Mission Statement

“To achieve sustainable on and off field success, delivered through a performance ethic and a culture of continuous improvement, underpinned by a family and community friendly environment.”

Club History

Club History

Parkside Football Club was officially formed in 1897 but prior to that operated under the name “Oblinagil” which was aboriginal for ‘near the park’ or ‘beside the park’. Dr. Anderson was the first President who lived in a residence named “Parkside” in Moore Street, Footscray which was how the club’s name originated. The club’s first home ground was a paddock adjacent to Footscray Park in Ballarat Road called “Newell’s Paddock”.

In 1921, following a very successful era, the greatest representative of the club became involved with Herb Pascarl running the boundary. In 1923 -24 Parkside moved to the site of its current ground and in 1931 the Footscray District Football League was formed with Herb being one of its founders. In that initial season Parkside went on to win the premiership.

Herb Pascarl is a Life Member of Parkside Football Club, a Life Member of the League, has a medal named in his honour presented to the best player in the Division One Seniors Grand Final each year and was awarded in Australian Sports Award in 2000.

The vertical black and white stripes that Parkside are so famous for came about in a rather confusing manner. In 1932 the then Vice President decided to start another club taking over half of the 50 registered Parkside players with him to form Riverside Football Club. The new club was given Parkside’s Red, White & Blue colours and so Parkside adopted the vertical Black and White stripes. Riverside defeated Parkside in the 1932 F.D.F.L Grand Final but then disbanded in 1934.

Parkside has a strong history of success in all competitions in which it has been represented with 28 Division One Senior premierships, a number of Reserves and junior premierships and a Division One Women’s flag.

Parkside has now established itself as one of the oldest and most successful clubs in the Western Region.  A long and proud history combined with a positive and exciting future, Parkside Football Club endeavours to work towards achieving success through commitment and dedication by those who share the same passion and direction for our club.

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